Friday, January 25, 2008

iPod Touch

Well... this past Christmas I really didn't want to get anything. My grandparents being grandparents wouldn't take no for an answer. I hinted once on a nifty Apple product called an iPod Touch. Low and behold... there it was... Its design is pretty good. It is very thin and the screen is huge! The screen on this thing is almost indestructible, it is actually made out of glass and not plastic. The main thing I kept hearing about the iPod touch was the "scratch resistant" screen.

Here is a video of the kind of punishment this thing can handle, in terms of scratching...

Besides how cool this thing looks, it also is loaded with a ton of cool features. Before this, I was not a hardcore iPod fan like most people, I simply stood on the sidelines during the primetime iPod craze. When I first opened the box I had absolutely no idea what the hell to do with the thing. I had no idea how to turn it on and it came with no instructions, surprisingly enough. After my brothers helped me out, I finaly got it workin. The features on this thing are incredible. The phrase I kept saying while playing with it was " can do that?" I think the features were on a small scale but were more of a "hey, thats pretty damn cool..." It however was a bit pricey at around $400 I think, worth it though.

It's 2am...I gotta download more podcasts...

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