Friday, January 25, 2008


I haven't always been a big fan of the Onion but recently it has grown on me.  Sure it's fake news, but lately the election coverage stories have reflected the annoyance I've felt towards the non-stop hubbub around the 2008 presidential race and they have created a nice outlet for my frustrations.  Along with the popular campus/coffee shop newspaper, the Onion has a regularly updated website complete with fake cable news clips.  

There were two clips that really stood out was being almost too realistic considering the sometimes ridiculous political climate.  The first was a fake story about Mitt Romney having to reassure his constituents of his intolerance after it was uncovered in a decade old interview that he would not oppose civil unions.  The other clip was about the candidates putting on 30-40 pounds to in a competition to win the 'fat vote' (60% of adults are now considered overweight).  It is ridiculous to thing that politicians would seriously consider risking their health doing something like that, but when they change their accents and behavior around different demographics of people and one slip-up can ruin a political career, sometimes a person has to wonder how far they are willing to go.

Sure the news is fake, but there is usually a little truth behind every lie.  

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