Friday, January 30, 2009


Reaching the end of spring semester 08', classes were soon to be over, nature was rearing its green thumb, and it was sure a great lead into a remarkable summer. After the semester came to a halt my buddy and I had about a week to prepare for Summercamp 2008. Summercamp is a music festival geared towards jam and electronica genres. It is 3 days of music and camping, and is located in Chillicothe, IL. It was our first music festival and was nothing but live shows, dancing, light shows, and partying all throughout the night. On the last day we were enjoying the Avett Brothers from lawn chairs at our campsite, when I asked a gentleman with a camera if he knew anything about the upcoming band. He said no, but asked if me and a friend would be interested in doing an interview for him and his crew. He was a Roving Festival Writer and he travels from festival to festival and writes about how he views the fest and his different experiences. We had a drink with him and he filmed our interview, which was later put on YouTube by his crew. I know this didn't relate to something recent, but related to writing and media.

*Our interview on the YouTube clip starts at about 6 mins in, but out faces show up at about 6mins30secs.*

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