Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rock of Love Bus

Let me preface this post by saying that I am a huge reality TV fan - not really because I want to be one, more like I just can't stop watching.

MTV and VH1 have some of my favorite reality shows. Most of the shows "stars" get recycled as long as people seem to care to watch them. They even transition from contestants to show hosts in some cases. These reality shows all revolve around the same 3 things: sex, booze, and fighting. What does it say about me that I can't stop watching even if I totally disagree with these reality star's behavior? I guess I don't really want to think about... Anyway, up until a few weeks ago I had never met a reality show I didn't like. That was until I saw the first episode of Rock of Love Bus.

Rock of Love Bus doesn't contain the usual "train wreck" appeal of most reality TV shows. I was shocked by the intense promiscuity of every single contestant. The casting for this was a deliberate attempt to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Forget plastic surgery and makeup, these people are barely human. One young lady has so much makeup that she doesn't even look like her features are in the correct locations on her face. Instead of the usual revealing dresses on TV, these women are wearing maid outfits and lingerie. One woman drinks until she vomits, and then makes out with Bret Michaels moments later. What's more, he doesn't seem to care. In fact, he seems incredibly impressed by his prospective "girls friends."

Now, I want to make sure it doesn't sound like I'm coming down too hard on these ladies, because it makes me realize that they must lead incredibly unhappy lives to consider it fun to come on a show where they're driven to drink until they're ill and physically fight eachother over a man their fathers' age, whose career all but ended when they were in diapers. Instead of laughing at the show, I just feel bad for them. I feel bad for society that this show is a hit. This show makes me rethink my love of every other reality show. In makes me ashamed to be a reality TV fan. If not for implants, the attention of guys, and a ton of makeup, these women feel worthless. And what's more, they're egged on to believe that they're real celebrities and people find them acceptable. They're gawked at, instantly judged, and considered sluts. No one cares about the unfortunate circumstances that they certainly had to have encountered to be so angry and lack self-respect. The "reality" of the situation is that they're the butt of the joke. It's not funny or entertaining, it's just incredibly depressing.

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