Friday, January 30, 2009

Publishing Gone Wild...2.0 Style

Printed in this week's TIME Magazine (February 2,2009). Here is an interesting article written by Lev Grossman on how there are now websites that allow writers, who haven't had much luck to sign an agent, to publish their works online and try to garner support and popularity that way instead of through traditional publishing houses.

We have all heard about how a lot of print media companies are cutting staff amid falling advertisement revenue. So it is interesting to learn that finally the publishing houses are now being affected to the new age of the internet and the whole idea of Web 2.o.

Writers need only to pay an upfront fee to the company that will publish your work on their website. Grossman mentions the internet publishing company, iUniverse, will market your book to larger companies such as Barnes & Noble and even certain larger traditional publishing companies. One drawback though is that iUniverse takes home a large cut of each book that you sell through their company.

Oh well I have to start somewhere Right? I'm looking forward to the day when all textbooks will be offered online. We all can save a little money by not having to pay so much for our books and we won't have to lug those books around everyday too!

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