Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sex and Commercials

I haven't really been exposed to much TV or other media as of late, so I took to E!'s webpage for the first time to find some good stuff. I came across this ad:

This is a funny commercial, there's no doubt about that. They're saying it's deemed "too sexy" for media. I'm not sure why, but it leaves me wondering if they're criticizing it because it's a PETA commercial, and not a beer commercial, or something of that sort. There are so many commercials involving alcohol that focus solely on sex. For instance, the new Captain Morgan commercials. The "4 guys" who are just ordinary dudes that drink captain pick up tons of gorgeous women at bars because they're drinking Captain.

Another example is the new Burger King commercials. They find people in lost parts of the world (clearly fake) and have them try MacDonalds and Burger King for the first time and have them compare. They call these people "Whopper Virgins." I feel like they use that word to relate to sex a little bit, or at least to grab the attention of the viewer because when the word virgin comes to mind, it usually has to do with sex. Sex and burgers don't mix. This is just simply wrong in my opinion!

I think that they're making a big deal about this just because it's PETA. Sure, it's weird that they're using sex to grab the viewers attention, but it's like you almost have to these days to get the viewers attention with all of the other commercials. PETA is trying to be a little funny, vegetarians have better sex, who cares, it's catchy! Plus, this is for a good cause, unlike a lot of other commercials that use sex.

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Sarah said...

Great post, and yes, I agree 100% that it's only because it's PETA.