Monday, January 26, 2009


So I'm watching the E! channel, about the ten most inappropriate celeb make-out moments, and found myself disgusted. The first nine included stars like Heidi and Spencer, Vanessa and Zac, Britney and Kevin, and then it's gets down to the number one inappropriate kiss. This is when my jaw dropped. Angelina Jolie and her brother! Okay okay, they didn't actually make-out, but were pretty close while cuddling up with one another at an awards show back in 2000. A few lip locks were also caught on camera. YUCK! The two were said to be grabbing each other all night around each others waists. She said while accepting an award on stage, I am so in love with my brother right now. A little too close for brother and sister.....
Today, Angelina Jolie is a wonderful role model for people all over the world. She's a stunning actress, mother of 6, and said to be a wonderful wife. I think she has broken out of her rebel shell, and now walks through life with dignity and class.

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