Friday, January 30, 2009

I miss my Ipod.

  I miss my Ipod. It brought me joy, happiness, ecstacy, as well as the wonderful feeling having an awesome song playing while your walking down the street, as if you were in a movie and it was the background music.  That little black device with its 80GB and over 4,000 songs is somewhere in Chicago right now, instead of being here with me. I happened to leave it in a friends car when she drove up here to visit me. I didn't realize it was gone until long after she had arrived back in Chicago.

 I feel a little lost without my Ipod. I'm so used to having music to accompany me on my bus rides to school, walks to class, or while doing copious amounts of school work. Without it, I've had to make due. I try to have a song going in my head at all times while not interacting with people. The point I am making is that this little piece of media, that somehow I managed to live without for 20 years of my life has become a huge part in the way I live, and how my mind works. I have always been into music, but I never had to always have a song going on in my head until after I bought one. once I get it back, I will be a happy person again.  I just hope I don't have to wait too long....

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