Monday, December 03, 2007

can someone PLEASE pay the writers!

For any of the Despirate Housewife fans out there, im sure you can relate to my frustration. This Sunday's episode was by far the best of the entire season. The begining narration stated that someone's husband was going to die. A huge tornato was about to hit Wysteria Lane, and of course the ususal drama was still playing out. About half way through the show Gabriel's husband Victor was speared with a broken peice of fence that struck through him while he was chasing Gabriel's ex-husband with a gun...So I was releived to find out that the dead husband would be Victor. Until the end of the show when the tornato had destroyed Wysteria Lane and Lynette had found that the house of the basement that her husband and children had been staying in, was completely collapsed and destroyed. The show ended with Lynette screaming in horror at the sight of her most likly dead family members.

As great of show as it was it left with a huge cliff hanger. Which usually would be fine except for the fact that there were no previews for the following show. As a worried viewer for Lynette's husband, i looked to try and find a preview on the internet, only to find that next week's episode is a RERUN!!!! I might have to kill someone if i cant find out what happened to her family.

I think it's rediculous that the networks can't just give the writters what they are asking for. They have so much money they probably dont even know what to do with it all. Granted many people watch such shows as this, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, and Brothers and Sisters partially for the beautiful actors. But these shows would not be the hit that they are without the writters talents.

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