Sunday, December 02, 2007

Celebrity Obsession

I was thinking about our society's recent obsession with celebrities this morning. One of my friends is pro-britney and lectured to my friends and I the other day about how Britney wouldn't be a mess at all if the photographers, etc. would just leave her alone and let her get some privacy. We were talking about the story where she didn't put her kids in car seats... but is it more irresponsible to take the time to put your kids in car seats or to hurry up and put them in the car because photographers are swarming around you?

When you have a nation that can't wait to see the next bad or even great picture of a celebrity accompanied by a story that may or may not be true, how can we give celebrities any peace? I'm surprised that more celebrities aren't "losing it" like Britney. Are we all so bored with our own lives that we have to live through theirs? Or is it because through advertising we have come to be obsessed with the lifestyle they lead and hope to one day have the same?

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