Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simba and Soulja Boy...

So I have been doing some research on the Walt Disney Company and freedom of expression within the company. While roaming around on Google, I came across this hilarious Disney mashup YouTube is a bunch of scenes from the Lion King set to the song "Soulja Boy." I starting watching it while I was in the library and had a difficult time not laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of this video. The clips from the movie match up fairly well to the song's lyrics which makes it even more humorous because it actually looks as if Simba is rapping. And at times he just has that cocky look on his face like he knows he's the shit or something. When we talked about mashups and fan videos in class, I had kind of assumed that fans created videos for shows/movies with real people in it; not animated ones. But whatever floats your boat. Click below to enjoy the perfect 3 minute distraction from studying for exams.

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