Sunday, December 02, 2007

So, I found myself wondering tonight why games are being sold in commercials centered around sex. I always associated games with kids and I think that is because I always saw commercials that depicted Candy Land and Operation, and those games are definitely being marketed toward children. Now I see games like Pictionary and Taboo being marketed toward younger adults. The Pictionary commercial begins with a couple lying in bed talking in a way that woud suggest that they just had sex, but about half way through the commercial the viewer figures out that the couple has been talking about playing a game with their friends. Even after the viewer figures out that the commercial is about a game the producers of the commercial go one step further and have the couple, still lying in bed, decide their friends to join them next time. The game is not referenced with this comment. I guess sex sells, but how far can it go? First sex is used to sell ice cream, which was actually pretty funny, and now sex is even being used to sell traditonal games. I guess when you figure out what works you just have to stick with it.

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