Monday, December 03, 2007

Want to look at Porsches?

A few months ago, I came accross a website called Six Speed Online. It's a car enthusiast website. The central topic is Porsches, but there is a large discussion base about BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and the like. Though I drive a beater car, these high-end sports cars have always kept my interest. Also it is interesting to read some of the "signatures" at the bottom of the users who post on the message board. Most list their particular "stable" of cars. Many collections are in the million dollar range, and most are in the hundred thousand dollar range, with multiple exotics like the Italian Ferrari and Lamborghini, ect. It's a glimpse into a rich man's (because I haven't come accross any apparent female posters) playground. It is also funny when these tycoons speak of hiding/concealing cars lest they become property in an expensive divorce settlement.

I think it's the "if I hit the lottery" daydream that keeps me coming back to the site. And it's probably the pictures. I've been a subscriber to Road and Track and Car and Driver since I was twelve years old, but within the last year or two, I've let my subsciptions expire. There is plenty of information and high quality photos on the internet, a car person, needs to do little work to keep up with new models and such. If you're into sportcars you'll never be able to reasonably afford, you should probably check out the website.

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