Monday, December 10, 2007

One Tree Hill, Season One

This weekend I watched the first season of One Tree Hill in part because I wrote my paper on the pilot episode. It was really interesting to watch the beginning of the series again and see how they took certain aspects of the show that were successful and exaggerated on them later in order to increase viewership. For example, they took the evil character Dan, and made him more and more of a jerk as the series went on, eventually turning him into a murderer, whereas in the first season he is mainly just a crappy Dad with an attitude problem. The show also increased the relationship drama between all the characters. And, of course, in true "Dawson and Joey" fashion they made sure that Peyton and Lucas didn't get together until the end of this last season. The CW website has some links up right now that show previews of this year's new season which I believe begins January 8th. It looks like they are skipping through college and starting up again after the kids graduate. Hopefully this will work better than college worked for Dawson's Creek.

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