Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I was watching Sex and the City a couple of nights ago when I thought something amazing was going to happen. I thought that the show was going to actually show intimacy between two male characters. One of the homosexual male characters was going to a ball at a club that he belonged to. He was excited because he finally had a boyfriend to take. However, they got into a fight a few days before the dance so the gay character ended up taking Carrie to the dance instead. This once again imprints the ideal of the heterosexual relationship in the mass media. As I'm thinking this the guys boyfriend taps him on the shoulder and asks if he can cut in. So, the guys dance, but they dance the same way that the one guy danced with Carrie, his friend. They do not move closer to each other than Carrie and the one guy, Stanford, had been. Perhaps the scene had originally been more intimate. After all, the show was on HBO. Perhaps the content of the show had been 'cleaned up' for TBS.

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