Sunday, December 09, 2007

What an Idiot!

MySpace is a funny thing. I was on the other day and saw a bulletin that read, "OCHS alumni: Mr. Buss is famous!" Well, I went to Oak Creek High School and I remembered having this teacher for chemistry so of course I clicked on the link to read it. Here's what happened: Mr. Buss began blogging under the name the "Observer" on a website about a debate over teacher's salaries stating that the West Bend teacher salaries made him sick and that the Columbine High School shooters were heroes. He said in a blog, "They knew how to deal with the overpaid teacher union thugs. One shot at a time! Too bad the liberals rip them; they were heroes and should be remembered that way." Mr. Buss was arrested after a West Bend teacher contacted School District administrators who then contacted West Bend police. The administrator of the conservative political website in which Mr. Buss posted comments said that the arrest was an overreacton because he is entitled to free speech and the comments were not direct threats to teachers. B.S. I say! Mr. Buss even said, "We've got to get in back of the kids who have had enough of lazy, no good teachers and are fighting back. Kids like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold." He basically praised these 2 assholes who went on a shooting spree back in 1999. As it turns out, there was another article posted in the Journal Sentinel 3 days later that stated there would be no charges filed against Mr. Buss because of free speech protected under the U.S. Constitution but he is still on leave of absence from the school pending disciplinary action. Gee, I'm proud to have had him as a teacher...loser.

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