Sunday, May 03, 2009

Barats & Bereta

The other day I was just browsing You Tube for funny videos and came across this dual comedy team called Barats and Bereta. Luke Barats and Joe Bereta came together back in 2003 where they lead the improv team at Gonzaga University in Washington. Also active in the theater and broadcast department at Gonzaga, they began recording short video segments to entertain their friends, and eventually compiled a website. They have received several awards for their stand up act and have been seen by many people across the Internet.

The first video I watched is entitled "Mothers Day." The hilarious video is about two brothers attempting to take a picture for their mom for a mothers day present.
Some of their other videos are equally as funny, but I didn't find all of them as as amusing as the "Mothers Day" skit. Reading their website, even their bio's are funny. In their FAQ section, it says so....are you guys gay? Their response: Probably not.
These guys are definitely worth checking out.

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