Friday, May 08, 2009 is a new way to spend your free time. This site has thousands of games ranging from topics like sports, music, entertainment, television, video games, geography, literature, movies, and miscellaneous.

How the site works is you select a category or a game to play, and they will pose a question under that category. A question would be something like "What are all the movies Denzel Washington has been in" and it will have a table of all his movies unfilled with a clue on the side. In this case, the clue would be when the movie came out, but clues can vary since these games are made by anyone who wants to make them.

This website has a way of occupying your time and distracting you. I just think that this site is very entertaining to anyone who may be bored, or someone who just has some time to kill. I wouldn't like to keep something like this all for myself, everyone should be able to enjoy it.

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