Saturday, May 09, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!!!!

As you may already know theirs a new Star Trek movie in theaters, and its..... AWESOME! When I first heard rumors that they were going to make another Star Trek movie I thought, oh great here we go again. If there hasn't already been enough someone just had to make another. However, J.J. Abrams take on Star Trek is just brilliant. Abrams gave the already extremely popular franchise a light speed "jump start" it needed, letting no one down from die hard fans to people who don't even have a clue what Star Trek is or even means. The film is witty, action packed, dramatic and one hell of a ride. From the opening sequence to the end which is actually the beginning, if that makes sense, doesn't disappoint at all. In fact theirs nothing negative I can even say; except that the theater was so packed I had to sit way up front but that's besides the point. What once many had considered a dull and corny series, is now a kick ass roller coaster ride. Everything is nearly perfect from the cast to the amazing visuals creating a fantastic and masterful ensemble. So if you haven't seen the film go see it, and if you have seen the film well go see it again. So live long Star Trek and Prosper. If you haven't checked out the trailer check it out.
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