Friday, May 01, 2009

MIchelle Obama and media

I came across a very interesting article about first lady Michelle Obama and the way she has been using media to construct her image as a homemaker with the public. The article explains how she makes the executive decisions as to which interviews with magazines or TV shows she does and even the outfits to wear in/on them, all based on whether or not they comply with the image she wants to portray. I find this so interesting because like her husband, President Obama, she is using media in a conscious and savvy way. Much like an assistant would do for a celebrity client, she has taken control of how she is depicted in media which has given her an 80% likeability rate amongst Americans. The article mentions some critics who believe with her being a Yale graduate and a highly educated woman that she should show the public that side of her as well by getting involved in political issues. Either way, I give her thumbs up for taking charge of her own image constructing with the media!

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