Thursday, April 30, 2009

Participatory Culture: Dark Knight Fans Recreate Images

Since we were talking about I thought I would share two different forms of participatory culture I've found and liked on YouTube. They are two different forms of The Dark Knight's trailers recreated by fans.

This is an interesting video because it is a longer version of the trailer that the creators used exaggerated humor of the scenes in the film.

The other video is a recreation of a trailer that uses the original trailers audio and recreates the video with legos.

I find this an amazing piece of work. The time and dedication in order to put something like this is just remarkable. The video really captures the emotions of the trailer and the film itself. The creator uses many traditional filming techniques to make lifeless and inanimate objects appear full of emotion. Also, the way he makes the legos move, like the lego characters, vehicles, and other miscellaneous things, really adds to his overall feeling of the video.

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