Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Pretty Wicked-ly Entertaining

Last night I decided to watch the new reality show on Oxygen called "Pretty Wicked." The show, hosted by America's Next Top Model winner Caridee English, is about 10 pretty girls who all have some wicked flaw, whether it be they are backstabbing, materialistic, or fake. The premise of the show is that the girls will learn lessons along the way that will showcase their inner beauty and the one girl who is able to show she can put aside her nasty attributes the best will win $50,000. Now this show is like a lot of other "transformation" reality shows that take bad girls and attempt to change them by bribing them with money, like Charm School and Hedsor Hall. But it is interesting in that as they act out in the house, the judges watch, so the girls can't really fake whether they change or not. In the other shows, the judges only watch as they make progress during challenges while the judges are present. With this show, you get a lot of the judges calling the girls out on their actions right after they happen, which is kind of fun to watch. The best part is that they have a confessional called the "Burn Book" where they all go and talk crap about one another and draw on each others photos, a la Mean Girls. So if anyone is into watching girls fight, cry, and be dramatic, I definitely suggest this show.

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