Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In lieu of yesterday’s class and the upcoming class tomorrow about YouTube. I am linking this this and this article each from TIME Magazine.

The first article printed on April 20, 2009 talks about YouTube’s new project that is linking classical musicians together from all across the globe.

YouTube encouraged classical musicians to submit audition videos of themselves performing to be selected for what was called the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.

The video auditions were evaluated by members of the London Symphony Orchestra and the Berlin and New York Philharmonics who decided upon the finalists that would play a concert in New York City’s Carnegie Hall.

Google, which owns YouTube, footed the bill for all the costs of the project including travel and visa expenses for people that traveled from 30 different countries.

The concert was broadcast live on YouTube on April 15, 2009 which you can view here.

Secondly, the next article that I linked above is an article again from TIME Magazine (April 27, 2009) that describes that new channel that was launched in March called YouTube Edu.

YouTube Edu is a channel on the website that offers videos of lectures and speeches from a number of different colleges and universities from across the country.

You can view YouTube Edu here.

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