Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hills

Recently, a new season of The Hills began on MTV. The new season looks to be filled with new twists and drama everywhere you look. I've followed the series since it's early beginnings as Laguna Beach, and then transforming and following Lauren into Los Angeles for The Hills series. I've watched some characters grow up (and some get even more immature), and find it interesting to witness these changes- real or fake. One thing that I have noticed as the seasons progress, the plots seem to get more twisted and surreal. The seem contrived and put on as more of a scripted scene. I don't like some of the confrontations because they just seem so staged. These confrontations have gotten more and more fake as the series has gone on, and although I still enjoy the show, I wish MTV could find a way to incorporate "drama" without making it so obviously staged.

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