Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Facebook taking a negative turn...

When facebook opened to the public back in 2005, it was the safe alternative to the well known social network, MySpace. Security was never an issue for this "classy" version. You needed to have a college e-mail to even gain access. Unlike MySpace, every one's web page looked the same. Free of music, videos, quizzes and glitter graphics. The grown up approach for people who didn't like all the extras.

Now, facebook is full of applications like fortune cookies, and pointless quizzes like, "what color hair should I have?"

Many people have left behind MySpace because they liked facebook so much better. If FB evolves into the "new" MySpace, hopefully a new website comes along letting this idea of socializing remain simple.

I liked that facebook didn't have all the pointless things that MySpace had. I liked the simple approach to social networking. Being able to send a message to my friend, without being asked to add my "top girls," to my page.

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