Thursday, April 30, 2009


(I rest my case)

So I've noticed lately that anyone and everyone can be on TV...any geek off the street can find themselves searching for love or the love of something on national television among other ridiculous acts to gain fame. The shows I'm more or less referring to are "Daisy of Love" "Rock of Love", "Tough Love," "I Love Money," "For the Love of Ray J," Tool Academy," and "Charm School." (I think you get the point) I don't keep up on these types of shows, but I'm sure everyone has been flipping through the channels and decided to tune in to at least one of these shows at one point, if not out of enjoyment at least for entertainment.

These shows are all so similar, and portray dysfunctional humans. They make some people feel that the actions on these shows are the norm. These types of shows can be found entertaining, but I feel this style of reality TV is getting quite repetitive. Every time I'm watching a show I do enjoy, it always gets interrupted with a loud, rude, advertisement for one of these ridiculous new reality spoof offs of "Flavor of Love." The narrative on these shows is also repetitive; they all take place in glamorous mansions or supped up tour busses. They all have some sort of crazy lame missions or games that the contestants must pass in order to move on or prove their love to stay in the game.

The general scope of the people chosen for these shows are generally meat-headed, obnoxious, self-center, insecure, among many other flaws. These types of people are stuck in a house together aiming for a prize or competing for love and are almost impossible to live with; which makes these shows so entertaining to watch.

I just cant believe this is now what seems to be a main source for entertainment. It's almost sad, but at the same time i guess it's generating income.

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