Monday, April 13, 2009

My Scrabble Analysis

I was playing Scrabble the other day in between reading for my JMC 262 class and made a really cool connection between the two.

The media is like a giant game of Scrabble. People have texts (or words) that they play, where some are bigger and/or worth more than others. But the field on which they play influences them as well. It’s made up of a grid with some structure but overall random to the player until it comes their turn because the grid’s availability changes with every turn. This aspect can make the smallest moves have a lot of significance just because of what the grid has on it. Each play influences the next play, ultimately changing the outcome of the game. Sometimes some players look like they’re going to win, but because there are a ton of factors influencing every move, including the anticipation of other players’ possible moves, the outcome always remains unknown.

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