Tuesday, April 21, 2009


EOTO is a jam/electronica band that has spawned from the former String Cheese Incident. The band consists of Jason Hann and Michael Travis the percussionist and drummer from Cheese. Inspired by great DJ's and computer artists EOTO provides a truly original form of dance music. The power of the live drumming is magical to witness, and that two men and a few forms of modern technology have the ability to create such unique and psychedelic intricate sounds. The light show they provide enhances the music being played immaculately! They generally have a liquid light display with a variety of crazy visual displays.

This band is not one you would hear on the radio or MTV. The way this bands and bands like these promote their music is by word of mouth. There is not advertising through mainstream media texts. To find this band one would have to visit Pandora or view them on Youtube, iclips, or archives. EOTO is a band that you would want to see live, rather than on the Internet, due to their visual enhancements and psychedelic feel. There are many underground bands that are not found on mainstream sources such as TV or the Radio, and it just takes a little harder digging to find, but no matter the genre of music there are many other similar underground bands that may spark just as much interest.
This genre of music also aids in social change by the way it brings people together. The crowd interested in EOTO and others alike are good time people whom enjoy the music and the energy around them. This type of music is generated by word of mouth and geared toward bringing people together. They are generally seen at jam music festivals, and venues around the country, and have even played here in Milwaukee @ the Mirimar Theater!

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