Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facebook Addictive??????

How often are you on Facebook???? are you logging on from your cell phone, laptop or any other device that could easily link you to this site?? How often do you find yourself browsing on other peoples pages, commenting on statuses and pics or uploading pictures of yourself in hopes of receiving comments???? Do you find yourself in class on your laptop engaging with others not paying attention as well because they to are on Facebook??? I find these questions to be quite interesting. It seems as though Facebook has become the new, and only way of communicating with our peers, finding "true" love and inviting random people to parties/events. Facebook consists of all the character tics of what mass media is. It has news, entertainment, networking, blogging, chat, video uploads name it and it seems as though faceboook has it making it easily accessible, and hard to shy away from for even a day. People want to be known, seen, and socially excepted. People want to share their feelings and problems with peers over the Internet to receive advice and get their issues solved. FACEBOOK IS THE NEW WAY TO SOCIALIZE, COMMUNICATE, AND NETWORK IN MODERN DAY SOCIETY.

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