Tuesday, April 21, 2009

YouTube Stars: Bo Burnham

I was first introduced to Bo Burnham on one of Comedy Central's Comedy Central Presents episodes of stand up comedy.

When he first came out I was shocked to see how young he looked and then he acknowledged that he had just graduated in '08. And not only was he much younger than most people that perform on this show, but I thought he was also much funnier then them as well.

His style of comedy is through different versions of music, pop, rap, or r&b, and the songs are just constant quips and punchlines after one and other.

I looked him up and I found out that he got his fame by posting some of these very same songs on YouTube that he recorded in his bedroom while he was still in high school. He also has two recorded CD's of his songs. I just couldn't believe the kind of fame someone could get for doing something like this....I mean most comics have to spend time at comedy clubs and do all sorts of smaller venues before getting a Comedy Central special, or a CD for that matter.

On one of his CD's he has a song titled "Welcome to YouTube" where he speaks on some very interesting points about YouTube and it's loyal users. He also references many YouTube stars like himself in the song. He performed this video at "YouTube Live '08" and this is the video.

I just think it is amazing someone can build them self up just by posting your videos online, and if they become popular enough you could make something of yourself. It has the power to be a constant showcase of the world's talents for those who are able to afford to make their own videos which is very powerful.

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