Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Missed Connections: You Can't Be Serious

Today I spent about two hours in my car listening to this mornings radio talk show on 103.7 (or whatever the hell it is) and they brought up a very interesting segment.

They took a small portion of the show to read off some of their favorite "Missed Connections" posted on craigslist this morning.

I've heard of this missed connections thing before, but I have never really heard any of the actual ones, and frankly I find the whole idea of it to be quite embarrassing.

First of all, what ever happened to romantic stalking??? If you happen to miss your opportunity the first time, why not follow them out and find out where they live? Then you can figure out their daily schedules and try to find a different time to make a connection. (I'm not being serious, I do not advocate stalking)

Secondly, the whole idea that you missed the connection only works if the person happens to feel like they missed a connection too...which doesn't seem very likely. If the person didn't feel any sort of connection you just end up posting an irrelevant false story because in the end there was no connection.

Finally, I hope some of these things are just fictional stories because they seem way to outrageous for real life...maybe they are just overly exaggerated versions of a certain can decide for yourself

Here is one of my favorites I found...

"You were a cashier at Pet Supply Plus today and you are by far the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen. I tried to take a while longer to pick out my 2 items just so that I could wait for your line to be empty. I tried planning what "startup" comments i could make, but when i got there i lost all words. Its weird, i usually dont choke up like that, but all i seemed able to do was turn down the bag you offered me, stumbling over my words as i tried to say i wanted to help save the environment or something like that. If you're working on tuesday's, i'll have to make a habbit of picking up my items. Maybe then one of these times i'll work up the nerve to speak a little more directly. Cuz i'm definately not counting on my chances of finding you on here"

(Why did he even post this if he didn't plan on finding her here)

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