Monday, May 11, 2009

Mavericks-Nuggets makes for good TV

I was doing my usual run through various web sites at home today and had only heard from a friend and fellow basketball fan about a controversial ending to a playoff game involving the Mavericks and Nuggets. More information and video is below:

The NBA, as much as I love basketball, needs controversy and drama (at least feels it does) to "hype up" games and series during the playoffs. I feel the games are exciting enough on their own, but I am not the target audience--dedicated basketball fans will tune in no matter what. I realized that the NBA aims to suck in the newbies moreso than anything to get more ratings, and hey, what beats a bit of controversy. It was a foul, it was intentional, and it wasn't called. Oh yeah, and I read today that the Mavericks' owner has issues with calling out Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin's mom? Unbelievable. The result of the game was favorable to me because Mark Cuban is a moron, but the greater issue brought to light was the target audience and inauthentic 'added drama' to the games. The NBA playoffs are fun and exciting without the extra BS, but it's interesting to see why the league brings in artificial things like this for the target audience.

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