Friday, May 01, 2009

The Hills=Not for Me

I was in another JMC class this past week, and one of our in-class "activities" was to watch an entire episode of MTV's "The Hills." This was one of the cases where my preconceived notions about a television show I'd not previously watched were exactly on the money. After watching the assigned episode, we were to write our opinion of the show. I kept it short and sweet:

"The Hills just wasted a bit under half an hour of my life. The people in the show are obviously actors (and poor ones at that), and this is simply trash. I can't understand why someone would watch a show about a bunch of stuck-up, dramatic, immature rich little boys and girls that have the intelligence of a box of rocks. I will never be able to get this half an hour of my life back. Thanks, The Hills."

Our professor's intention was to let us know that although the majority of us didn't like the show (he read most of our responses anonymously to the class--mine didn't get picked, for some reason), it was still pop culture, and some people enjoyed hating it. I happen to neither enjoy it OR enjoy hating it; I'm simply frustrated that some people actually have interest in it. When I ask people I hang out with whether they like drama in their lives, it's a resounding "NO!" but then some turn around and go watch shows like these. It's an interesting paradigm to think about.

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