Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To Twit or Tweet

So when I first heard of this thing called Twitter I was like who and what and why? Why would people want to twit or microblog as they call it. I was driving home one day and I just happened to turn on NPR when I heard them discussing how Ashton Kutcher had become the first Twitter User to have 1 million people signed in to follow his tweets. Heres a video explaining the whole Challenge as well as a brief explanation on what Twitter really is.

One thing that interest me is that on NPR they discussed how Ashton stated digital media is taking over our media as we know it. He explained that people who arent even professional journalist can report on breaking news before a news network has a chance to report on it. For example he said after the plane crashed in the Hudson River a non professional was able to take a photo of the plane in the river and post it on the web, or twitter before any new reporters even knew what was happening. Its pretty amazing that people have the ability to do such things it makes me wonder how can news networks do better if they seemingly have to compete in reporting news with every day people? Ashton goes on to say in his interview with Larry King that its amazing seeing how just one voice can be as powerful as a media conglomerate. Just like before anyone can report on the news and post it to the web in a matter of seconds. Ashtons right with the technology we have today and the media and how its transitioning it is pretty amazing. So if you dont know what twitter is check it out. If you have heard of it but never had the guts to give it a shot try it. Its pretty interesting. So if you decided to give twitter a shot start following and tweet away.

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