Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the anti-fat task force parade

...OK, the organization's real name is National Action Against Obesity and they aren't having a street parade, but every time something positive happens to a women over 160 lbs they go on a press parade talking to cable news programs and morning talk shows and yak about what terrible role models they are.  When Jordan Sparks won American Idol a few seasons ago the founder of this organization went on a media tirade discussing how fat Sparks was and how terrible it was to have an "obese" American Idol.  Roth ruined my breakfast this morning when she went on the Mike and Juliet Show to talk about how horrible it was that a Chloe Marshall, a "plus sized" model, won the title of Miss England.  Marshall is a size 16, the average size of an English women, and according to medical standards only 6 lbs overweight. Regardless, Roth was outraged that Marshall would win, believed that she was a terrible role model, and said "plus-size is nothing to be proud of."  The real kicker is the Roth appears to have NO medical training, licensing, or degree what so ever.  WHY DO NETWORKS KEEP INVITING THIS "EXPERT" ONTO THEIR SHOWS? Is it an attempt to seem unbiased in the media?  Did the pressure to create an unbiased media create this monster?  Sensationalism? I agree that health and fitness are important, and that models and beauty queens influence people, but COME ON.  
Here's a Fox News classic featuring Roth: Does Santa need to lose weight??

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