Wednesday, April 09, 2008

videogame violence

so this week in entertainment weekly,
stephen king shares his thoughts on video game violence, in reaction to the HB 1423 bill which is trying to ban the sale of violent video games to anyone under the age of 18. He disagrees with the bill based on a whole bunch of different ideas.
One of his ideas is that parents, not government, should be responsible for what their kids are playing and watching. He believes that even if this new legislature is put into place that kids will find a way to play these games anyways. He points out that the government loves to use pop-culture as a whipping boy because it is easy and always gets a strong reaction from whoever they're accusing.
The point that most strikes me is that legislatures tried to point out that the Virginia Tech killer loved video games, which he didn't, but failed to say anything about how easy it is for an obviously insane individual to acquire a gun and ammo in our gun-loving country. The irony in the gun situation is that the second amendment was written so that the populus could stay armed to overthrow the government if it didn't serve them, but the people now who are so in love with guns are the ones who strongly support the government, whereas the dissenters have no interest in firearms. The idea of guns keeping us safe is flawed when you notice that without guns most of the violence within our own country perpetrated by crazy mofos would not happen.

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