Friday, April 04, 2008

Strike for a Reason

Taking what we learned from this week’s lecture, it made me wonder why writers haven’t gone on strike due to the effects media has on society instead for their own pocketbook. After reading the two articles, why isn’t there a writer or producer stating that they personally would like to see a change in the shows that younger generations watch. Is the only thing important to them is their own bank account. Or do they believe it is up to the parents to control what their children watch. I remember watching array of television shows when I was younger from Arthur, Rugrats, Care Bears, Rainbow Bright, and mainly Jetsons. Granted I turned out fine. However, what happens to those that did watch all the action, fighting shows that their parents didn’t control? Is the media responsible for the impact that hitting someone on the head with a bat is funny, when in real life it could kill someone. Are these the teenagers responsible for violence in and outside of school? It just bothers me that the writers finally ended their strike over their bank accounts but when it comes to the future of America, they will show whatever is popular not caring about short-term or long-term effects that the media has over society. It’s is just mind bottling.

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