Thursday, April 03, 2008

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As someone who has never blogged before this class, i find it increasingly difficult to find topics to rant or rave about in a blog. My brain just does'nt register the little "talking heads", "sound bites"& and quotations taken out of context. I do not care about last weeks episode of American Idol, I care even less bout Britney Spears, or J-Lo's Baby. I consider my self a "free thinking intellectual" and as such cannot reasonably articulate my thought, veiws, & opinions in a blog. Do people even read these things? I for one do not. Maybe i should, however the need to do so would have to be empiracally proven to me. The so called war in Irag continues, Obama & Hilary carry on and on. Here's food for thought...let's watch McCain. Let's throw conventional wisdom out the door, and pay attention to history. Does anyone actually beleive a woman or a black man could be President. History has taught us the obvious answer. We are being distracted people!! Pay attention. I eagerly await to eat my words as much as i eagerly await to tell everyone " I told you so". Contradictory..Yes. And so what? After all, us Americans are the most contradictory, hypocritical society i can imagine by far. And oh...if this is too serious a topic for you can always google Naomi Cambell and read about how she allegedly spit on a police officer at London's Heathrow Airport today. Do i have your attention again?

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ford said...

Ya know
At the begining of the semester, I understood the idea of the blog was to document our media comsumption. It's not necessarily to rant about something just what did you do or see in your media travels...I think.