Friday, April 04, 2008

Violence in Media

Well I thought it was pretty interesting in class when we were discussing violence in the media today (yesterday?). I browsed around on youtube and found a pretty cool video. Well I just tried to link it directly but that didn't work. Here is the BACKUP PLAN . The video has a bunch of clips of violence in the media before 2006ish. A youtube search of this topic brings up countless videos about it. I liked this one because a lot of the things posted in the comments section is similar to what was said in class. Now, it is youtube... some comments are made by pricks, but good luck stopping them.

In the comments, examples are given about other countries. I don't really have no confirmation on what they say, but it is interesting to say the least. Try searching for videos similar to the other one. Some videos are actually made by kids for like class projects. I dunno... the topic of media violence is really complex and very mysterious. Like we said in class, it's pretty hard to pin point the proper blame to one thing when it is influenced by many. I suggest watching some of the videos if you got time. They all are slightly different and have many different examples/ points of view.

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