Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Jay Z & Beyonce Say "I Do"!!

I don't know about anyone else but if they did get married I am happy for them. It's about time I mean they have been dating for six years or more. However I am tired of hearing about it. It's like you can even listen to the radio without them mentioning it, or watch television for that matter. It's like don't they have anything better to talk about. Evidently Jay Z and Beyonce don't want to talk about it and we are not even one hundred percent sure that it's true it's really just speculations. (I hope I spelled that word right.) The things that they are assuming do make you believe that it might be true. Like on these pictures that I saw of their hands there was a tattoo on both of their ring fingers that read 4ever. So maybe instead of wearing huge rocks that definitely would draw attention they did the tattoo rings. I think if Beyonce and Jay want everyone to stay out of their personal lives they should just tell people the little things they want to know like if they really did get married. That's really not something that you keep a secret they act like they are ashamed of something. I know I wouldn't be they are both very successful and talented people who are at the top of their game so I say celebrate that. I am pretty sure they are married so, Congrats. And if they are not oh well they should be.

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