Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MySpace Beatdown

Yesterday I read a pretty unbelievable story about teenagers from Florida beating down one of their "friends" on video so they could put it up on MySpace and YouTube.  Apparently the 16 year old girl who was beaten was lured into the house by six other girls she knew.  The attackers say they were upset with so called "trash talk" the victim put up on her MySpace page, and they wanted to post their revenge in the form of a video on their own page.  I found a link to part of the video here while good ole' Nancy Grace is debating the meaning of it all.  The victim was said to be barely recognizable by her parents at the time she arrived at the hospital.  She had temporary loss of vision in her left eye and loss of hearing in one of her ears.  To me, this incident is flat out sickening.  The attackers have been arrested and I hope they are all tried as adults and face jail time.  There is no reason things like this should be happening, but of course this is never the case.  This story could relate back to a discussion we had last week on pointing the finger.  Is this a case of media violence or neglect on the sake of the parents?  One would think morals would kick in at some point and make the attackers realize the senselessness of the situation.  Incidents like these make me think about what kind of environment teenagers are growing up in today and how we can fix it.

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