Thursday, April 03, 2008

The world's first pregnant "man"

Just when you thought the movie "Junior" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was far fetched, Oprah is planning to unveil the world's first pregnant "man" on her show tomorrow.  No joke.  Thomas Beatie was born a woman but underwent a legal sex change to become a man.  His breasts were removed but he decided to keep his female sex organs in hopes of one day having a child.  Now this hope has become a reality.  Beatie, who is due around the first week in July, was artificially inseminated by his wife Nancy after the couple found out she was unable to have children.  Beatie has been off testosterone for two years in hopes of being able to conceive.  The couple hopes of having a normal and healthy family life once their daughter is born.  I think this is a very interesting story.  This will be the first case of a transgendered person giving birth.  As soon as this story hits the airwaves on Oprah tomorrow, there will be a ton of ethical questions raised by people all over the planet.  Some people will be totally against it, while others will see Beatie as a trend-setter.  As Beatie sees it, "It's my biological right to have a child."  The world just keeps on getting more captivating every day.  Check out the full story here.

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