Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have constantly been noticed throughout the media for their bizarre behaviors. Everyone was shocked when their relationship started and how it started. I assume everyone remembers the time when Cruise was on Oprah and performed acrobatics on the stage as he announced how in love he was with Holmes. This wasn't so shocking as we all know how nuts Tom Cruise is, but it was an interesting start to their relationship going public. Cruise and his beliefs in the religion of scientology have brought up many questions throughout the media about their marrigae. When Holmes became pregnant pictures were constantly being leaked throughout the tabloids. In a picture one week Holmes appears to be VERY pregnant, but the following week she appears only about three months into her pregnancy. With all the craziness with Cruise and his religion people believed that this pregnancy may be fake. When Holmes had the baby they kept her in the house for months on end which also kept people wondering. In addition to this odd behavior Holmes has appeared on many talk shows appearing to be in a trance and almost looking stoned. Many have suggested that strange things happen behind the scenes in this marriage and that perhaps Holmes has been hypnotized. Its all just very bizzare.

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