Wednesday, April 02, 2008

dexter on cbs

so the show Dexter, which originated on Showtime, recently began showing on CBS, and was greeted by all sorts of hubbub from the Parents Television Council.The reason for the complaints was that the show centers around Dexter Morgan (played by the AMAZING Michael Anthony Hall), who is a vigilante serial killer. The group thinks that the idea of the audience sympathizing with a serial killer is somehow morally compromising.
They sort of have a point, but are failing to understand that the point of the show is not to sympathize with the character, but more to understand the character. This show is arguably the best program on TV, and I feel that if advocacy groups are worried about anything compromising the morals of the nation, that there are a lot of worse things on TV than Dexter. As far as program quality, this show trumps most if not everything airing on primetime TV. It is all ready airing in an edited version, with most of the overly disturbing material toned down.
I feel that this show is not that accessible to the casual viewer, because of the subject matter and the very intense atmosphere that it sets. In addition, the show does not in any way glorify the fact that he's a serial killer, it is more of a case study into a highly disturbed individual, with the audience trying to understand why someone would end up like he did. The show simply a highly original concept turned into a very engaging and entertaining piece of television.. It's like watching Silence of the Lambs with Hannibal Lecter as the narrator. I think that the PTC's issue with the show is that it does not have a normal, accessible protagonist. It's on CBS on Sundays at 9:00.

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