Tuesday, September 25, 2007

As I am sure most of you know, we are in the midst of premiere week on all the networks...therefore I am bringing up one of ABC's tactics for jogging viewer's memories cause they have been using this a lot. Instead of just showing the season finale from May the week before a show premieres, ABC has been showing recap shows. Last week there was one with a mix of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice...I think it was primarily done to promote Private Practice rather than be a recap show, but whatever. Then this past Sunday there was a recap show for Desperate Housewives and a "Family Album" for Brother's and Sisters.

I think it is good that they do this because for some of us, myself included, it is hard to remember what the hell happened last May cause there is so much going on in these shows! Plus, the recaps can potentially grab a new audience by recaping nearly the entire series. I haven't noticed any other networks copying this, but then again, I haven't looked much since most of the shows I watch are on ABC now...

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