Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Student Tasered at Kerry Event

Here is a video I found on a student tasered by police at a John Kerry Q&A at the University of Florida. The student asked Kerry questions, but surpassed his allotted time to speak and was escorted to the exit by police. However, the student still wanted to ask Kerry some other questions, and he tried to force his way through the police, thus getting tasered. In my opinion, he should have calmed down and not tried to not get too aggressive with the police. Also, I don't know if this was done on purpose (to provoke the police), or if this was standard police procedure. They could have just taken him outside and warned him not to come back. I do know is that this situation is being seen by some as a negative act by the Florida Police Department, and they are spinning the coverage as being "brutal." Any other viewpoints are appreciated. And now, the video:


Imagine. Create. Advertise. said...

Is this recent?

JillyAnn said...

Yeah this is pretty recent- i'm shocked, honestly, that no one got up. How could so many people sit there passively and watch a group of 8 cops taser some guy? Obviously he had to have gone through a metal detector to even get in to see Kerry speak, so they can't even claim they thought he was that much of a threat. This seriously upset me.