Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bond's 756th home run ball

Mark Ecko, owner of the Ecko line of clothing, purchased Barry Bond's historic home run ball and is letting fans decide what should become of the ball on his website.  
Fans can decide whether to:
a. Give the ball to the Cooperstown Hall of Fame
b. Brand the ball with an asterisk and give the ball to the Hall of Fame
c. Send the ball into space via a rocket

Over five million votes have been counted at this time, and that number is climbing rapidly.  I voted to send the ball into space, and you should too.  On a business note, it is a brilliant attention grabbing move.  He bought the ball for something like $750,000.  He is selling himself and his ventures in a move that is fun and make people feel good.  Three quarters of a million dollars is a rediculous amount of money for a baseball, but I enjoyed the opportunity to decide the ball's fate, and look forward to further dumb publicity stunts.

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