Saturday, September 15, 2007

serj tankian

I was messing around on the Internet channel of my Wii this morning and found this new single by Serj Tankian on Youtube. He's 1/4 of the band System of a Down, but they're currently on hiatus for a few years so some members can pursue solo projects. Here's the video:

The bright colors and dark themes create an interesting juxtaposition. Also, the fact that the single is put on Youtube by Warner Bros. Records strikes me as amusing. You can buy the single at iTunes, it says too.

System of a Down's music has generally been politically themed, and this song is even more so. I pretty much like the song, it sounds like a lot of SOAD's music. The song and video's themes are very timely and definitely anti-war. He shows rather dramatically how the beliefs and ideals America is currently upholding/promoting affect everyone. But I don't feel like he's disrespecting the troops necessarily, just the decision to continue occupying Iraq. Or whatever we're doing now.

The discontent about the war continues to grow, and I think it's beneficial to have texts like this criticizing it. I wonder how relevant this will seem in a decade?

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