Friday, September 14, 2007

Too Funny or Too Foul??

Many advertisements these days are becoming more and more provocative. I am sure all of you have seen sex being used to sell products whether it is for a vehicle, fast food, shoes, etc. Is media going too far with this?

I recently have been hearing and viewing many newscasts and people talk about the new clearasil commercials. Clearasil's new slogan is "Clearasil may cause confidence". The clearasil company is using this slogan to promote their product in such a way that is making many people offended. I find these advertisements to be rather funny but it still is quite surprising to me how far Clearasil pushes it.

Here is a video I found on CNN discussing the controversy it is causing and the reactions from people. The video is almost 6 minutes long and shows a couple of the commercials. What do you think? Is this becoming a prevalent problem? Do you find these ads to be offensive?


sarahwood said...

Well, first of all I think it's funny that CNN categorizes all these news stories as "breaking news".

Anyway. I don't really find it offensive. The second commercial, with the mom showing pictures, I thought was more making fun of the mom for even showing the girl's boyfriend naked baby pictures. Because why do mom's do that? That's a weird thing on its own and could be considered raunchy ...

JoSiAh said...

Wow, it's kind of like the parents in South Carolina who want their school's playgrounds to be shaded with an awning. Or the completely out of touch parents that wrote in to the Post complaining about our campus newspaper content. When will parents learn that bubble wrapping their kids will not keep them safe from all evils. First of all like the woman against tv censorship explains: everyone has a different moral ideology. I personally foun these ads hilarious.

Would I want my 13 year old watching it? IF and ONLY IF I had already taught him/her how to be a critical consumer of mass media.