Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Spencer Pratt

If any of you haven't caught an episode of The Hills on MTV, you may not know who Spencer Pratt is. He's Heidi's boyfriend, who is main character Lauren's ex- best friend. The feud between Spencer and Heidi and Lauren and her crew began during the last season of The Hills when Heidi continually chose her boyfriend over her friends.

Anyway, Spencer Pratt is quite the character. There have been rumors that he is desperate for fame, and will do anything to get it (including asking Heidi to marry him?). I was looking at US Weekly's website where it tells Spencer's back story and talks about all the rumors going around about him. What I found hilarious is that he actually has his own website that he created just for people to "hate on him". He actually asks people to. You can log on and view video from episodes, and comment on them. So, if you hate Spencer, here's your chance to tell him!

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